Info-ZIP for Tandem



Info-ZIP for Tandem

Info-ZIP is a collection of freeware utilities (zip, unzip) allowing the compression and decompression of PKZIP/WinZIP type archives.  The utilities are written in 'C' and have been ported to 15+ different platforms and maintained by a group of programmers from around the world.  The source and object code are freely available from the links listed below.

We started the task of porting the existing Info-ZIP code to Tandem/NSK back in 1997.  Since then many companies around the world use this free tool to allow them to exchange files with other platforms and to reduce their network traffic in the process.

Please email us for suggestions or queries.

What it can do:

bulletzip Edit/Enscribe files as text files, Object/Unstructured as binary files
bulletunzip text files into Edit/180 files, binary files into Unstructured
bulletset original last modified and open timestamps on extraction
bulletzip uses Large Transfer mode (Fast I/O) on reads
bulletzip files are given the file code 1001

In addition for files originally zipped on Tandem unzip will: 

bulletrecreates files with original userid (this requires Licensing)
bulletretain original extent sizes 
bulletretain original file code
bulletEnscribe files will be converted to Edit/180 files

Current source versions available are:

bulletzip 2.3
bulletunzip 5.50
bulletzip 2.4 ( in beta)
bulletunzip 5.53 (in beta)

Objects available (see Tandem Binaries link below):

bulletunzip (needs to be licensed)
bulletunzipu (unzip that does not require licensing)
bulletzip (needs to be licensed)

Things still to do:

bulletcreate unlicensed zip object (zipu)
bulletconvert to Native (code 700)
bulletzip /unzip Enscribe files
bulletuse Large Transfer mode for all I/O
bulletallow for unzipping Text files with more than 99,999 lines
bulletspecify what filename to use when unzipping


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