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S86_front.JPG (57944 bytes)     S76000     S72004       K20000      K2000    

We have been working with Tandem equipment for 20 years and have experience of both 'S' and Integrity hardware & software.

Kyrenia are now a member of the HP NonStop Partner Program (DSPP)

Recent projects include:

bulletPDF converter running under Guardian
bulletSamba installation and setup under OSS
bulletIntegrity NS2000 benchmarking
bullet'S' to 'I' migration, analysis, planning & implementation
bulletHP Virtual TapeServer (VTS) setup
bulletAtalla NSP security device configuration and custom interfaces
bulletSystem management using DSM/SCM
bulletTCP/IP configuration
bulletTAL to PTal conversions
bullet'C' Programming at socket level

In addition we provide the support for the Tandem/NSK port of the Info-ZIP software.  Info-ZIP allows PKZIP type archives to be manipulated on a  variety of platforms and is freeware.  For more details of our port see link below.

Info-ZIP for Tandem


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